Question: If the vehicle breaks down what do I do?
Answer: All vehicles are under 2 years old and covered by manufactures warranty.
To give our customers extra protection against break down we are also members of the RAC.
In the unlikely event of breakdown please call our 24 hr number which is on the vehicle key fob.

Question: Where do I collect the vehicle from?
Answer: All vehicles are collected from Ollertons at Unit 1-2, Ackhurst Road, Common Bank Industrial Estate, PR7 1NH.

Question: When I collect the vehicle will it have a full tank of fuel?
Answer: All Vehicles will have a full tank of fuel prior to collection and are to be returned full of fuel.

Question: How long can I hire the vehicle for?
Answer: We hire vehicles from four hours – two years in 24hr block periods, i.e.: if you collect the vehicle at 0900hrs it MUST be returned by 0900hrs the following day (if hired for one day).

Question: What is the deposit and when will we get it back?
Answer: The deposit is £175.00 and will be debited from your debit or credit card and returned normally within 7 working days on the return of the vehicle.
For further details please look at our booking conditions.

Question: Do you accept cash for vehicle hire or the deposit?
Answer: No, we do not except cash. Payments are to be made via debit or credit cards and must be in the name of the main driver and presented at the time of hire. The only exception is for business account holders.

Question: Do you rent Satellite Navigation Systems, Child Seats / Booster Seats and Sack Trucks?
Answer: Yes it is our pleasure to rent these and they can be rented at the time of hire from only £2.00 per day.

Question: Are Vehicles Tracked?
Answer: Yes all vehicles have satellite tracking systems fitted.

Question: Do you offer European Vehicle hire?
Answer: No, our vehicles are only hired in England, Scotland & Wales

Question: Do I have to clean the vehicle when returned?
Answer: Your rubbish must be removed from the vehicle and the vehicle left in a presentable condition. If the vehicle is returned in a condition that requires an interior valet then this will be deducted from the deposit (£30.00).

Question: What is the age limit to hire a vehicle?
Answer: The age limit is 25 with a maximum age limit of 70. (for drivers aged 21-25 please call for rental options).

Question: What identification is required when collecting the vehicle?
Answer: A valid Driving licence, we cannot accept expired official photo ID.
2 additional forms of ID to confirm home address, one must be the credit / debit statement for the credit / debit card being presented for the deposit and additional charges.
The other should be a formal document (e.g. a utility bill) both must be dated within 8 weeks of the date of the hire and be original copies.

Question: Can I have a second driver?
Answer: Yes but the driver will need to bring in the following identification, a valid driving licence plus a passport with current address

Question: What is the maximum amount of points to hire a vehicle?
Answer: We can only accept licences with a maximum of 6 penalty points.
If the driver has been banned from driving with a DD, DR or UT offence, or has been disqualified for 12 months or more, we will only rent the vehicle once 5 years or more has passed from the return of the licence.

Question: What happens if we have an accident?
Answer: You must call our emergency number on the vehicle key fob and a member of staff will assist with you. The third party details must be taken and photos taken if possible and safe to do so. The vehicle must then be parked in a safe location with you remaining with the vehicle until it can be recovered.
If the vehicle can be driven safely, then please return the vehicle back to our depot at the earliest opportunity where we will try and offer a replacement vehicle if one is available.

Question: Is contract hire for me?
Answer: Contract hire works well if you need a vehicle quickly and for a relatively short time and it is especially ideal for business users.
The only issue is if you plan to do more miles than the agreed allowance and then it can work out more expensive than purchasing a vehicle.
The other benefits include when the contract period finishes then just return the vehicle and if required collect another new vehicle saving you the trouble of having to sell the vehicle.
Other benefits include you always enjoy a new vehicle without expensive MOT costs and huge maintenance costs that comes with older vehicles.
Please look at our booking conditions prior to hiring a vehicle, if you would like to have a printed copy please ask a member of staff.
Any questions please feel free to ask when collecting the vehicle and we will be pleased to help.